What You Need To Know When Renting A Car On The Gold Coast

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Looking to rent a car on the Gold Coast? There are several factors you need to consider, such as what insurance to get, what criteria you need to meet, and what you need to do in the event of an accident.

Don’t worry, Economy Rental Cars have got you covered. Here’s what you need to know when renting a car on the Gold Coast.

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Where is the best place to rent a car when arriving on the Gold Coast?

The best place to rent a car when arriving on the Gold Coast is the airport. This is because you can save time and money on searching for top quality rental vehicles by making reservations early. Once you pass through customs, it’s really simple to collect the keys and rent a car on the Gold Coast. Australia’s most reputable car rental companies are usually located in the arrivals area at Gold Coast Airport, meaning you’re bound to receive a top-quality vehicle.

Getting your rental car at the airport also means you can get on with your trip straight away – using your vehicle to get you to the hotel and bypass transfer coaches.

Rental car requirements

There is some criterion you need to meet in order to qualify for a Gold Coast rental car. These include:


There are two types of car insurance that rental companies preferably want you to have:

  • Theft insurance: This covers the loss of the rental car but not your possessions inside it. To cover your personal possessions, you need to apply for personal effects and personal accidents insurance.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): This insurance covers any damage to your rental car in the case of an accident. This usually costs around $10 to $30 per day depending on the type of car you rent.

You can also purchase standalone car insurance for your rental vehicle, known as excess cover. Every policy is different when it comes to excess cover, so be sure to read the terms carefully. This cover can be used in the event of accidental damage to your rental or other vehicles on the road. Purchasing excess cover means you can reduce the amount you have to pay when making a claim. This is especially useful if you’re in an accident and it’s your fault.


To rent a car on the Gold Coast, you need to be aged 21 or above. You also need to have held an open license for a minimum of one year. Some rental companies require individuals aged between 21 and 25 to pay a young driver surcharge on top of the rental price, whilst some companies restrict individuals aged 75 or above from hiring a vehicle.

Driver’s license

Car rental companies usually accept all English language driving licences. However, if you have a US licence and want to rent a car on the Gold Coast, you need to have a full driver’s licence. If you don’t have an English driver’s licence, then you need to obtain an international driving permit and show it alongside your non-English driver’s licence. This is not a requirement but rather a recommendation, as it helps with translations.

What happens in the case of car damage or an accident?

Insurance is important when it comes to car damage or accidents. In most cases, damages should be covered by the rental companies insurance policies. If uninsured, the rental company will expect you to cover the repair costs – especially if you’re at fault. Since most insurance policies differ between rental companies, be sure to check your contract for any exclusions. Should you breach this contract, then you will be liable to pay all related costs.

By general rule, all Australian vehicles are covered by CTP (compulsory third-party) insurance. This covers the injuries of those involved in a car accident or collision. However, we recommend getting car excess insurance to help with any expenses should they occur.

Can you get roadside assistance with a rental car?

The short answer is yes – there are several companies on the Gold Coast that offer roadside assistance. If the rental company fails to get your car up and running in an allotted time, they may arrange a replacement vehicle.

To cover the expenses associated with roadside assistance – such as repairs or towing costs – you need to have breakdown cover. This typically isn’t a part of standard car rental packages and may incur extra costs, but you can arrange this when picking your vehicle.

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