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Economy Rental Cars — Fast & Affordable Car Hires in Bilinga, QLD

Located a short two minutes away from the Coolangatta Airport, rental cars from Economy Car Rental are the perfect way to get your holiday on the road. We pick up travellers shortly after arrival at the airport and quickly send you on your way. The Gold Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Australia and offers amazing views of the ocean, high-rise apartment buildings, fabulous shopping, and an array of cafes and bars. Whether you enjoy the nightlife the Gold Coast offers or plan to spend the day shopping, this is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation, and it’s only better with cheap, reliable rental cars on the Gold Coast.

A Gold Coast Car Rental for every taste

We offer a variety of rental cars at Gold Coast, ranging from small hatchbacks or sedans to large wagon type cars and eight seaters to fit all your needs. At Economy, we guarantee that all of our cars are in great shape with no mechanical issues. If mechanical issues do arise, we will work with you to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and may offer discounts. Our cars are also fully insured so that you can drive without worry and enjoy your holiday. We cater to families and business people, offering an affordable option for travel. We rent cars out by the day and allow customers to reserve cars before their vacation on our website.

Our company offers the best service and receives glowing reviews from many customers on the Gold Coast. A recent Economy customer said this: “I was blown away by not only the value you offered as far as car rental went but more pleasingly, the fantastic service I received on both pick up and drop off.” Customers are never disappointed with our personable and professional staff, our clean, cheap and reliable vehicles, or our up front pricing.

Economy Car Rental is A Different Kind of Company

Economy Car Rental started offering Gold Coast Car Rentals in 1987 in Brisbane as Economy Cars, and now operates solely on the Gold Coast. We have decades of experience and are Australian owned and operated. Our service is always of the highest quality and on time. We strive to make this the best car rental experience possible and offer only the best prices for our cars.

We care about our customers. We don’t have hidden fees or extras that other car companies charge on a regular basis. Our cars are reliable and our prices stay the same year round, even during the busy holiday season so that you can enjoy your holiday for less. Unlike many other car companies, our cars remain unbranded. We realize that having large company logos on your car can be annoying and draw unwanted attention, so we have left our cars completely unidentifiable for your comfort.

At Economy, we value our customers and will work with you to personalize your service. Please visit our website at or call us on 07 55 368 104 to work on a personalized plan so that we can best serve you.

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