Avoid Exorbitant Fees and Extras with Your 8 Seater Hire in Gold Coast

Economy Rental Cars — Fast & Affordable Car Hires in Bilinga, QLD

At Economy Rental Cars, it’s something we’ve heard dozens of times—if not hundreds of times. Customers decide to use us for a sedan or 8 seater hire on the Gold Coast, largely because of our affordable rental rates. They come to us hesitantly, seeing our low prices online, but always waiting for the other shoe to drop in the form of fees or extra costs. When they get our final bill for their car rental, they are surprised and pleased to learn that our rental prices were exactly as advertised. They then return to us in the future for their Gold Coast car hire needs.

This scenario illustrates the niche that Economy Rental Cars has served in Gold Coast since 1992. We appeal to families or budget-conscious businesspeople because our rates are more affordable than those of our competitors. More than that, though, the scenario above illustrates just how common it is for car rental companies to be misleading with their rates, or to bury customers in fees and extra costs.

One customer testimonial we received at Economy Rental Cars talked above expensive car rental companies and ‘their want and need to charge for hidden extras.’ The trend of car rental companies making a big percentage of their money by misleading their customers is now so common that drivers actually expect it. At Economy Rental Cars, we believe that you deserve better service and more respect, which is why we charge what we advertise, with no hidden surprises.

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